my SwissKeyPartners

We are a Swiss company that is able to support national and international, governmental and private organizations worldwide. Unlike normal consulting firms, we have not only the know-how but also the necessary physical facilities. mySwissKeyPartners AG exclusively employs proven top specialists.

Our locations

For understandable reasons, we can only list a little information about our physical assets here. Nevertheless, we take the liberty of paraphrasing a few things without giving any details that might be indicative of our locations.

MySwissKeyPartners AG has localities in former army forts in the Swiss Alps. These systems are extremely physically secured and even set up against nuclear strikes. Our servers and storage media are physically absolutely secure and always available. The plants also operate completely self-sufficiently for several years. They have emergency power 24h/365days. The security rooms are also shielded from electromagnetic radiation. The rooms are operated oxygen-depleted in order to make fires impossible. The redundant connections are made via fiber optics, directional beams, 5G GSM and underground cables. The necessary components are designed redundantly to minimize the risk. All of your transferred data is individually encrypted and encrypted by you and can only be read by you at any time. Upon request, we can also create periodic backups for you, which are physically stored separately in order to further minimize the risk of data loss.

We guarantee absolute discretion and loyalty.

For the reasons mentioned above, as well as the fact that several safety barriers would have to be passed and we are true to our principle: Knowledge only when necessary! Visits will only be possible in mandatory exceptions and an extended security check.

Secret stays secret!