mySKP Certificate

mySKP Certificate helps you to ensure trustworthy and encrypted e-mail communication. A step towards digital ID.

An e-mail certificate adds a digital signature to the e-mail, which confirms that a sent e-mail has not been modified since it was sent. The certificate encrypts the email before it reaches the intended recipient. This provides protection for data during transmission and shows that the email was sent by you and not by possible fraudsters.

Too little attention is paid to security through digital IDs in services and products. A safety certificate can already make a big difference. The use of encryption software is an important step towards security against cybercrime. Simple, fast and can be implemented for little money.

Learn more about TLS/SSL certificates

  • Warns of possible email changes.

  • Automatic certification on dispatch

  • Encrypted with unique hash value

  • Safety for the recipient

  • Ensured that no phishing mail

  • End-to-end encryption

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